Race for Life – Match Report

Today was the Race for Life in Gillingham’s Capstone Park. The two previous times Team G-S had done the race it had been in July and a red hot day – today wasn’t like that. Once we had got past the traffic jam to the site they waited in the rain for the race to start.

It’s always the same when we arrive and I see all of the pink sheets on peoples backs saying who they are running for I always get a bit sniffy for my mum who died of cancer 17 years ago.

Waiting for the off

Bex had decided to run the race but Sarah was going to walk as usual with Lis who had hurt her ankle but was determined to do it even though it had to be strapped. Ben and I took up positions next to the start/finish line and waited to see them go.

The walkers set off

Ben sat patiently by the finish line and amused himself by kicking off his wellies every few minutes and eating biscuits.

Ben waits by the finish line

When the first runner returned they weren’t expecting her as there were people still starting the race. Poor girl ran over the finish line – there was no tape or any one waiting to greet her and it was a good minute and a half before they even noticed some one had finished.

The winner

Bex arrived a few minutes later completing the 3 mile course in around 27 minutes and was the first youngster to finish as far as I could see.

Bex finishing strong

Sarah and Lis came in just after the hour but as it was a good 5 minutes before they crossed the start line I reckon their time was about 58 minutes. Lissy’s ankle had slowed them down.

Wet but finishing the race

So they all got their medals and they raised about £105 for Cancer Research in the process – not bad as we only started asking for sponsors last night!!!

Team G-S with their medals

Thanks to all who sponsored them and if you haven’t yet then it’s not too late simply click here and go to their sponsor page – have your credit card handy.


Race for Life

Race for Life

Sarah and the girls are doing Race for Life for the third time tomorrow.

You can sponsor them online here if you want

 (You can still sponsor them even after the event by the way)

Vox Popping

Me aged about 10

I found this picture of me (on right holding microphone) today as I was sorting out stuff in the shed. It was taken on the Broadway in Sunderland almost directly opposite our house at the time (number 69). I was a pupil at Broadway Junior School at the time which means it would be between 1969 & 1973. I think I was about 10 so it would probably 1972 (Sarah was still a twinkle!).

We were conducting a survey about the shops in the area and had been given a tape recorder to interview people with – obviously a sign of a future career!

Cooking up a storm

Sarah asked her youngest daughter what she wanted for a birthday present and was told that she would like to go on a cooking course with ME! So Sarah looked on the internet and found the local council ran one called “Cooking for Dads and Kids” so she booked us on it.

The first session was last week and we went off to the centre only to find it locked up. We waited but there was no sign of anyone and all of the phone numbers were going to answering machines. Eventually another Dad turned up but there was still no sign of anyone. We eventually gave up and went home. It turned out that they had changed the time of the course and it had been on that morning.

Rock cakes

Anyway we got a partial refund and we went along today for the second session. It was really good. We made rock cakes with apples and apricots in them and a pizza using a bread base. The instructor showed us what to do and you could let your child do as much as they were able and help out with the difficult bits like pealing apples or kneading dough.


At the end of the course we took home some cooked rock cakes and an uncooked pizza which we had for lunch. It’s a shame we missed the first session but we did get the recipes from it today so we can try them at home.

Children or animals


After the rat died I did the usual “that’s it no more animals” as I dealt with the dead body and sniffled my way to the vets to get Garcia cremated. This resolve lasted only a few days until we saw an ad on Freecycle for three budgies in a cage.

I’d never really thought about having a budgie until Nigel flew through our bedroom window last year. During the short time he was with us we got used to his cheeping and when he died we missed him. So we replied to the advert and later that day we went and picked them up. There were one male and two females budgies George the blue one, Mildred the yellow one and Flo the minty green one.

Oh and today we got a guinea pig from the same people who goes by the name of Henry!!


Back to back, Chicken Shack

Stan Webb

Probably won’t mean much to most people but Stan Webb – he of Chicken Shack fame rang me up yesterday!! I had sent an e-mail enquiring about booking him for our forthcoming Summer of Love festival and he called me back.

We have now booked a replacement for the artist who pulled out and we are just waiting for final confirmation. Can’t say who it is yet but he did appear at Woodstock and was part of the Haight Ashbury Scene in San Francisco in 1967. Give me a F!