Bloody Hell we’ve had an offer already!!


Bloody Banks #1

I went into HSBC a few weeks ago to change my name on the account to my new surname. All went well and they said they would send me a new card.

It arrived a few days later and they had spelt my new surname correctly but had misspelt the name I’ve had for the last 45 years (and all of the time I’ve been a customer with them – about 25 years!). They had added an e on the end of Kevin making it Kevine!!

So I called there customer services dept and they apolgised perfusely and said they’d send me a new card – which they did!

This time they had spelt my surname wrong – the part of it again that I have had all my life!!

So today I rang them again – third time lucky!!

For Sale

We’ve decided to sell the Big Blue House and it went on the market today.

Within an hour of them putting the sign up we started getting the “Are you selling your house” calls!!

I’ll have to think of another subtitle for the Blog though!!

Bang Bang

The Big Blue House backs onto a school playing field and the other night there was a series of very loud bangs coming from the school. Closer investigation revealed the local sea cadets firing a canon on the playing field. When this continued till 9 pm I went in to complain and found not not only were they firing the canon that night but a competition was to be held there on Wednesday.

I asked them if they thought it would have been common courtesy to have informed the residents of the neighbouring houses about the noise – especiallt those that may be elderly or have small children (or even pets).

This morning we found they had been along and pushed notes through all of the doors informing us about the event and inviting us to come along!!

The Germans are nice – official!

We just said goodbye to another set of Students – these two girls had been with us for almost two weeks.

We’ve had quite a few students staying with us over the past few months mostly from France but we had two Belgians and three sets of Germans. I’m not saying that the French are awful most of them have been really nice but the German girls have been the best.

So much so we are seriously considering visiting Baveraia for our holidays next year especially after the girls presented us with a book about it this morning before they left.