We sold a running machine on e-bay – the people came to collect it today. The lady told Sarah how she had lost a stone and told me and her husband to be careful we didn’t crush her packet of doughnuts which were on the seat as we put the machine into the car!!!



Did an online IQ test today in the office

Came out as 131 – Gifted apparently (just below genius level)

Need I say more?

It’s 3am….

…and I just got stopped by thr Police!! Outside my own front door for looking a bit shifty.

3 hours previously I had been hobnobing with Princess Anne and Sir David Frost and now I’m a bit shifty!!!

Four Poofs and a Piano

Highlight of the day – we ate dinner with the 4 Poofs of 4 Poofs and a paino fame!!

What a day!!

It took me 3 hours to get to work this morning due to a jack-knifed lorry on the M25. Even though it was no where near where I wanted to be the traffic had backed up to the junction I come off at and everyone was trying to find an alternative route around the carnage.

When I did eventually get near to the office there was another traffic jam due to an accident on the roundabout at the end of the industrial estate involving some arse who had rolled his car.

Parking the car and walking the last few hundred yards I arrive at my desk, open a package of gobo’s (metal discs for lamps to project logos) and found to my horror that the company who had made them had made a mistake. They’re needed for this evening too.

And all this before 11am!!

Bah! Humbug!

On the way home tonight I saw a sign outside a pub in Beckenham urging us to “Book now for Christmas”.

Last week Sarah went to buy a Birthday card and noticed the shop already had a display of Christmas cards!!

An e-mail dropped into my inbox this evening advertising the Northern Deadhead’s Christmas bash…..

It’s the middle of September for F*cks sake!! God have these people not got a life?

Christmas should be banned until December – wish we were going to Oz again they don’t make any fuss like this over there!!

And todays excuse is….

Before I tell this story I just want to say that 99.9% of the time South Eastern provide a fantastic service.

This mornings 5:56 train from Gillingham was nearly 20 minutes late arriving at Victoria because of “drizzle in Kent”