It’s 3am….

…and I just got stopped by thr Police!! Outside my own front door for looking a bit shifty.

3 hours previously I had been hobnobing with Princess Anne and Sir David Frost and now I’m a bit shifty!!!

Four Poofs and a Piano

Highlight of the day – we ate dinner with the 4 Poofs of 4 Poofs and a paino fame!!


5 thoughts on “It’s 3am….

  1. Good job I didn’t mention Richard Stilgoe as well – mind you I was the only one on the crew who knew who he was!!!!!

    Oh and Maureen Lipman as well – and I’m sure she made a smutty comment to me as I put her radio microphone on.


  2. What all in one day!!! Maureen Lipman eh..would have loved to have seen her in Oklahoma…Richard Stilgoe…whose he?
    lol..only kidding


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