No exchange

I found this post hiding within the system so I thought I’d publish it even though we moved months ago! 

We should have exchanged contracts on the houses today but we didn’t. This was all down to the solicitor for the people whose house we are buying.

Our solicitor sent him a fax at 10am this moring asking him to confirm one thing and pointing out that we wanted to exchange today. We then waited all day and we are still waiting for a reponse.

Apparently he wasn’t in the office this morning and of course there was no one who could deal with it in his absense. When he did come in he had a meeting and of course he couldn’t possibly deal with it. Now apparently he has dictated a letter but it’s waiting to be typed (WTF I thought this was the 21st century not the 1950’s – incidently their website says that they are a well equiped firm with all the latest technology – probably means they have carbon paper!!).

So because one one persons inaction everyone invloved in the chain has had to wait – and will have to wait now till Monday.

If ever there was a profession that needs a rocket up it’s arse it the legal profession.