Internet inside the bunker

So here I am at Plaisterer’s Hall (yes it is spelt like that – something to do with a King who couldn’t spell and nobody having the guts to tell him he couldn’t) and have been since 5am.

So I get my laptop out and plug in my 3 dongle – nothing, neit, not a sausage!

Which is annoying as Gus who is sitting next to me has internet using his Vodafone dongle – knew I shouldn’t have gone with 3 wonder how long the contract has to run hmmm!

Anyway I muse that my mobile should be able to be used as a modem so I have a bit of a fiddle and eventually find the right setting and hey presto here I am!!

God I’m good

Has anybody seen my key?

I went up to London by train today and now my car key is on the missing list and I can’t find it anywhere?

I’m not sure if I’ve had a senior moment (I’ve checked in the fridge!!) or if Ben has hidden it!!

Following up the latter train of thought we questioned him to see if he had seen Daddies key!

“No I haven’t – Diesel (the cat) took it to his house”

Sensing a lead we followed up with “And where is Diesels’ house?”

“It’s very far away”

The keys are still missing!!!!

Fire down below

Last night we went to see the Hastings Bonfire Society parade along the Seafront. The parade starts with the lighting of the East Beacon at 7pm and concludes with a firework display on the seafront after the bonfire has died down.

Hastings Bonfire Society

We arrived just as the parade, which had been going for an hour already, turned up into the town centre. We found a good place to watch from and waited for the parade to return. As it approached the sky lit up with red flares and loud explosions were heard. Just as it drew level with us one of the people in the parade dropped an explosive into a barrel and blew our eardrums apart!!

The parade passed with lit torches, people in fancy dress of all sorts, blackened faces, drums music and mayhem. They headed for the bonfire on the seafront where the lit torches were thrown onto the pyre and the flames rose into the night sky. There were several symbols on the fire from an effigy to a cross which all went up in flames.

As the fire died down a series of fireworks whistled into the night sky which brought the proceedings to an end. I’m not sure of the origins of this parade but might look into it before next years event. In any case it made the tar barrel ceremony we went to at New Year look like a damp squib by comparison!!