Polaroids from the Dead

Polaroids from the Dead

All pictures taken at the SoL party near Hawkhurst in 2007 & 2008 – Click on picture to open larger version in new window

Pictures by deadheaduk, unless otherwise credited and most quotes are from the songs of the Grateful Dead.

Top row – left to right

1. Polaroids from the Dead – It’s me with my 1990 tour t-shirt and Grateful Dead  tankard! Quote is from the Douglas Coupland novel which inspired this montage.

Photo by Chris Jones

2. Dr. Paddy Ladd signing music for the deaf. Quote is from Attics of my life

See him do it here

3. Brian from the Cosmic Charlies a Dead cover band who appeared in 2007. Quote from Playing in the Band.

4. The Grateful Dead were well known for setting aside a section for people to set up equipment to record their shows. Here American John Bleich sets up his microphones in front of the sound desk.

Photo by Martin Rordam

5. One young party goer gets into the spirit. Quote is from Terrapin Station

Photo by Martin Rordam

6. Cover from the Grateful Dead live album Europe ’72 used as a stage backdrop and painted by one of the friends of Workingman’s Deed

Photo by Martin Rordam

Bottom Row – left to right

1. Two party goers in tie-dye. Quote is from Scarlet Begonias.

Photo by Alan Thompson

2. Ollie from Tyrannosaurus Alan playing in front of more of the paintings provided by Workingman’s Deed. Quote is from Uncle John’s Band.

3. Another picture by the aforementioned artist. This is a representation of the Skull logo used by the Dead that became known as a Stealie from line in the song He’s Gone which is used as a quote here.

4. Jim from Workingman’s Deed a Scottish Grateful Dead cover band who headlined in 2008. Quote is from Ripple

5. John Bleich again – this time selling the official t-shirts. Quote is from Brown Eyed Women

Photo by Martin Rordam

6. And finally back to me – taken in 2007 with “Space your face” t-shirt and hat from Oz. Quote is from the Other One

Photo by Martin Rordam

Info about this years event can be found at www.solparty.org.uk


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