Are Medway Council stupid? – discuss

So there I was this morning doing the school run and going to work and as I turn onto the A2 Chatham Hill from Rock Avenue a bin lorry is just in front of me. It then takes me over 10 minutes to get past it. The A2 at that time of the morning going down Chatham Hill has to be one of the busiest routes in Medway – surely even an imbecile could see the sense of collecting the rubbish outside of peak hours!


Advert – Caravan for Hire

Please note this is an old blog entry and we no longer have the caravan

(and I couldn’t in all conscience recommend buying one from Coombe Haven – avoid them like the plague!)

Our Caravan is now booking for 2009

Early booking discount if booked before 28th February


We have an 8 berth caravan for rent on the popular Combe Haven Site near Hastings East Sussex.It has a double bedroom and two twin bedrooms, Living room (with additional pull out bed), Kitchen, shower room and separate toilet.

Caravan - living room

The site has two swimming pools, sports facilities and entertainment for all ages. There is a Burger King & Papa Johns Pizza take away on site as well as two bars and a restaurant. There are sporting activities and bike and go carts to rent. (Please note Fun Works passes need to be purchased for access to activities and bars)

Swimming Pool

The caravan has a TV,DVD player, CD/radio, fully equipped kitchen and is supplied with duvets and pillows – linen can be arranged at an additional charge. All gas and electric is included.

Caravan - Double bedroom

The site is situated a few minutes walk from the beach and a Short distance from Hastings. The historic 1066 battlefield and the ancient town of Rye are a few minutes drive away. Brighton, Eastbourne, Canterbury and Folkestone are all within one hours drive. A direct train service runs into London and the Ashford designer outlet is nearby.The Eurotunnel terminal is close by so a day trip to France is within easy reach.

Caravan - Twin room

Sorry but the site doesn’t allow single sex occupancy of the caravan. No Pets

The caravan is available throughout the year – e-mail us for availability and prices.

And while we are on the subject…..

….it always amuses me that as the supermarkets are falling over each to be the greenest you see things like this:

In our local Asda a 750ml bottle of Comfort is £1

While a 1.5l bottle is about £2.80 therefore making it cheaper to buy 2 small bottles instead of the bigger one!

oh and whats this?

The 3l bottle is over £5 therefore making it cheaper to buy 4 small bottles than one big one.

More bottles – more landfill if not re-cycled and let’s face it not everyone does.

And this from the store that stopped supplying single use carrier bags  lasy year……

…oh no hang on they went back on that promise didn’t they?

It’s snow joke!

Typical – the day that almost everyone goes back to work or school and what do we wake to find? A covering of snow – not a huge snowfall but enough to cause chaos (in England anyway!)

The first thing I have to marvel at is Medway council – they haven’t managed to clear snow from the streets or pavements around the kids schools but they have managed to get the little camera car to the bus stop outside the school to prevent us pulling up safely to drop off the kids. Shouldn’t the smug little shit who drives it be out manning the gritters or weilding a shovel clearing pavements instead of sitting in a nice warm car annoying drivers?

Then as I make my way up the M25 it starts to snow again – heavy enough to start to lie in the outside lane. Traffic slows down to a sensible 30 – 40 mph except for the stupid idiots who seem to think it’s acceptable to drive at 80mph in the snowbound outside lane!

The snow that lay on the car during my journey to work

Then we get a call from the caravan site to say we have a burst pipe. Luckily for us we had been down there on Saturday and discovered the caravan hadn’t been drained down as we had requested at the beginning of December. It was also lucky that we had popped into the office to ask why it hadn’t been done so that’s one repair we won’t be paying for!

I’ve asked this question many times but I’ll ask it again – why does this country fall to pieces every winter at the slightest sign of snow?