Conflicting signs

We saw two signs in a garden in Gillingham today

The first was attached to a mattress (nice!) and said…

Will you stop thieving things from my garden you c*nts

The other was attached to the door of the same house and said…

Happy 4th Birthday


They’re back

Well done to the England Cricket team for regaining the Ashes by winning the final test by 197 runs. God what a day! – it just felt that it could have gone either way despite the huge total that the Aussies needed to win. There seemed to be huge gaps between wickets and the runs were just piling up. Wouldn’t it be nice just once to read a headline that declared

“England win descisive victory to regain the Ashes”

I don’t like cricket oh no I love it

Well how things have changed since yesterday’s blog. England came back after lunch and kicked some ass! Australia looked at 73-0 as if they were set to run up a huge total but their innings collapsed and they were all out for 160 leaving England with a nice lead. Things were looking up.

Then England went in and before the close of play they had lost 3 wickets and once again it looked like they were about to throw it away snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! At the end of the second day it looked like it could go either way again.

Then today a fantastic display of steady batting took them to 373 for 9 when they declared leaving them 545 runs ahead and giving Australia an almost impossible task to win the game and keep the Ashes – it look like the urn was in the bag for England.

Presumably the idea of declaring was to get the Australians in to bat while they were tired and in the failing light in order to snatch a few quick wickets like the Aussies did last night. Sadly this wasn’t to be and at the close of play they’d reached 80 without loss and once again the game seemed to be wide open. Suddenly 545 didn’t seem such an impossible target after all.

Tomorrow will be hell if we don’t get some early wickets but either way it looks set to be a stunning climax to the series again

Just not Cricket

When ever I watch the English cricket team I’m always reminded of the lyrics of a song by Flanders & Swann which go

And all the world over each nation’s the same
They’ve simply no notion of playing the game
They argue with umpires, they cheer when they’ve won
And they practice before hand which spoils all the fun

Watching the final test against Australia it just seems that there doesn’t seem to be any spark. No fighting spirit. No burning desire to win.

The last time the Ashes were fought over in England the series was so exciting – I couldn’t take my eyes off it – literally. I remember running through Edinburgh airport on the last day of the last test desperately trying to find a TV in that “heathen country where they don’t play the beautiful game” to find out the score as I’d been on an aeroplane for the last hour and a half and anything could have happened.

There was such a difference between that and the series I watched while in Oz where we were simply outplayed. It was painful sitting in the ground in Melbourne watching as we were ripped to shreds. We lost that series 5-0 and to be honest deserved to.

And so back to now – the series tied as they went into the final test and then we virtually threw away our first innings and now Australia are settling in nicely and looking like building up a big score. At this rate all we will be able to hope for is rain and a disappointing draw – but of course that won’t get the ashes back.

Edited after lunch – thankfully they seemed to have picked up after the lunch break!!

Results Day #2

So I knew she was getting her results at 10 so when I hadn’t heard by 10:20 I figured it wasn’t good news. So I took a deep breath and rang her. The phone was answered by a blubbing mess. I managed to get her results out of her, she hadn’t got the grades for either her first choice or her second choice. I had to suddenly snap into that supportive father saying the right things role!

I asked her what she had needed for Southampton (her second choice) and it was only one grade higher than she had got. I told her that she might still get in and she said she would phone them as soon as she got home. She then said she was off to find her sister and would call me later.

Turns out had the wrong mobile number for Rhianna in my mobile and I was keen to find out what she had got so I rang Beth again. She was in a car on her way home. She had been told to go and check the UCCA tracker that they apply through. Someone had told her that there may still be a chance that she could get into Coventry but if she hadn’t got into either she could apply for clearing straight away.

A few minutes later I got a phonecall from her, when she had got home she had found a letter from Coventry confirming that they were offering her a place and they had sent her a welcome pack. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and consequently she was doing both – just like I did 29 years ago!