Where the wind blows

Le Petomane

We were given this book today by Sarah’s Uncle who has found it while sorting out the house of her Great Uncle who sadly died just before Christmas. It was published in 1967 and cost the princely sum of 5/- or 25p in new money!

I can’t wait to read it – bet it’s a gas!


Merry Christmas


My prezzies – WooHoo!

kevin christmas

Me wearing Sarah’s pink Santa hat!

Beery Christmas

There seems to be a common thread to my prezzies this year! From left to right The Youngs with the Camra glass is from Steven, Newkie Brown from Rhianna, Hobgoblin from Beth the rest from Daren – Oh well Beery Christmas everyone!

Adverts that annoy me

There are two sets of adverts running at the moment that annoy the hell out of me.

The first is the series of ads  which show all sort of bright young things who, well in one instance there’s this girl watching a group of street dancers, then she goes away and practises in her bedroom until she feels confident enough to go back and dance in front of the others. In another we see a band being rejected by some music exec and then they go away practise, perform and so on until they finally get the thumbs up.

At the end of the advert a strap line appears which says live the life you love and then changes to Love the life you live before…….

well this is the bit that annoys me. At no time in the advert does a mobile phone appear, all of the people featured seem to achieve what they want without the use of a mobile. they ARE living the life they love and loving the life they live but without the need to use a mobile, text anyone or use mobile internet to receive e-mails or check out a website…..so why then does the word Blackberry appear at the end?

It’s probably just some desperate attempt by the manufacturer of a phone which is viewed as a business tool to try and get in wif the youf market innit!

The other series of adverts is for Microsoft Windows 7 and the premise is that these people came up with the ideas that microsoft incorporated into their new operating system. The problem is that almost without exception every single one of them comes across as an arrogant arsehole who you would probably go out of your way to avoid.

Microsoft Windows 7…. it wasn’t my idea!

Then they changed them and you now see a series of equally annoying people who are supposed to have come up with the ideas who Microsoft are flying around the world just to have a look at a PC that incorporates their idea. Well Microsoft where is your concern for the environment, flying someone half way across the world just to go “wow that’s fast” won’t do anything to improve your carbon footprint.

Microsoft are running scared, after Vista they need to get their foot back in the door which is why they are stealing ideas from their competitors (mostly Google) and then dressing them up as their own ideas. And it is so petty – for example if I use Google’s on line document storage then I can access that even if I use Internet Explorer but if I want to use Microsoft’s on line storage then I can’t if I’m using Google Chrome. Sad

And do you know anyone who “googles” with Bing?

Reasons to hate Christmas #11

A White Christmas

Bing Sings

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the one’s I used to know…

Firstly I’m 48 and I don’t remember a single one in all that time!

Secondly who would really want a white Christmas anyway – anyone who has been outside over the past few days will know how cold, wet and slippy it is out there. The snow yesterday virtually shut down Kent and it has now turned to ice and is treacherous to anyone trying to make their way even a few feet down the street.

In fact the only reason I can think of that anyone would want it to snow on Christmas day would be it’s the one day in the year when virtually no one ventures out, so as long as it melts by Boxing day then a White Christmas would be ok.

Otherwise Bing….shut yer mouth!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

So my alarm went off at 6am and the next thing I knew it was 6:35 and I found my alarm clock in bed with me. I got up and looked out of the window to find that the snowfall hadn’t been as bad as we had been lead to expect. So I had a shower, shaved and went downstairs to make tea. It was only when I put the radio on that I realised that we were surrounded by the usual snowfall chaos.

The radio was telling us that the Police were advising people not to travel and that there were a load of schools closed including the two secondary schools that Bex and Rhianna go to. When I took Sarah’s tea up she had just had a text from her (and Ben’s school) to say that it too was closed. I decided that as I had the mac at home I might as well err on the side of caution and work from home.

I sat down to start work and after a while there was a loud bang from behind me and I turned just in time to see the budgie cage falling from the top of the piano with a black cat attached to it. Crash it hit the floor, cat scarpered and three budgies flew off in different directions landing on the tree and crashing into windows. The cage lay in pieces on the floor in a pile of seed and budgie turds.

We chased the birds around trying to catch them in dressing gowns, pyjama tops and tea towels. Eventually we had two back under the cage bit that was sitting on the kitchen table minus the bottom. The third budgie was in a tea towel but as we tried to put it in the cage it escaped and landed in the sink. I managed to catch it but as I did she sank her beak into my hand and only let go once she was in the cage.

Sarah then set about cleaning up the mess while I disposed of the broken base of the cage and nursed my poorly hand! All three birds seemed to be quite nervous but I gave them some food and they settled down again. I was just about to go back to work when I heard Sarah shouting at the cat again. As it was so cold outside the little bugger had decided to use the bath as a litter tray and had left something very smelly and unpleasant in there which I was apparently in the frame to clear up……

….then we had breakfast!

7 more sleeps till Santa

11 more sleeps to go,
11 more sleeps till Santa,
11 more sleeps till the big fat fella
Comes down your chimney
And brings you presents
And drinks your beer,
11 more sleeps till Santa.


7 more sleeps to go,

7 more sleeps till Santa,

7 more sleeps till the big fat fella

Comes down your chimney

And brings you presents

And drinks your beer,

7 more sleeps till Santa.

Thanks to Heart FM for this annoying song!