Take a hike

Here’s a great site – if you have to make a short journey in London and would rather walk than pay £4 on the tube then check out Walk it. if you put in your start and finish points not only does it work out your route but it tells you how long it will take depending on the speed you walk and how many calories you will burn while doing it!

Other cites are available too so take to the pavement and walk it – it’s good for you and good for the environment.

Every little helps

We were shopping in our local Tesco tonight doing our weekly shop. Now in these hard times we are always on the lookout for a good deal – you know BOGOF’s or mutlibuy deals so we study the prices very carefully. Tonight however I came upon a couple of deals I thought I’d share with you. The first was for the yoghurt tubes we buy for Ben’s lunchbox.

tesco bargain 1

Now I’m sure that you’ll all agree that is good value – I mean think how much you’ll save if you buy two! After seeing that I thought well you can’t beat that – but I was wrong as I found out at the other end of the shelf when I saw this

tesco bargain 2

Now that’s what I call value for money!


I spent part of today working on various computers. I swapped some RAm around and managed to increase the RAM in both my Apple (now 1GB) and also my XP machine (just over 500 Mb). It was while I was doing this I got to thinking what we had connected to our network and it was quite eye opening! A few years ago we used to have one pc connected via a modem to the internet. However as more and more people wanted to use the computer it started to grow.

When I took stock today this is what we have on our network

2 laptops

4 machines running Windows Xp

1 Linux machine

1 Apple Mac

1 Linux server

2 printers

3 External hard drives

plus a mobile phone and a wii

I drew a plan!


Ironic thing is that apart from the two laptops which belong to our work places none of the other machines have cost us very much. I think at £30 the Apple is the most expensive (unless you count the Wii). We don’t need top of the range machines what we have is sufficient for what we need to do. In addition some of the stuff, like the laser printer and the network hub) has come from Freecycle/Freegle so cost us nothing at all!

My drive home last night


This was what my drive home in the snow was like last night. It took me almost 4 hours to get from Beckenham to Gillingham – the worst bit being the last few miles.  After sitting in a traffic jam for almost 2 hours I finally got to the Strand roundabout where I turn off only to find the road I needed to go up was closed due to ice and snow. I then had to head back the way I had just come to where the Police station is  and went up past Medway College to get home that way.

Thankfully my mp3 player battery lasted the journey!

When I finally parked outside the house I got out and went round to the passenger door to get my bags out and as I did so I slipped and fell over. The road, which was covered in snow had two, what appeared to be, clear bits where cars had driven along. In reality these “clear bits” turned out to be sheet of ice.

Needless to say I’m not going anywhere today – along with most of the other residents of Medway it would seem as almost every school in the area is shut. It’s amazing how much chaos can be caused in this country by such a small amount of snow.