Kitchen Nightmares

There has been a photo on my phone I’ve been meaning to blog about since our holiday but not got around too. Yesterday I took another picture and thought I could combine the two. Here’s the picture I took yesterday:


I call it “Teenager makes a sandwich”

The other picture is this one:

tin opener

We were staying in this little cottage in County Durham and one day we were making dinner. It was only as we wanted to open a tin that we discovered there wasn’t a tin opener in the drawer. I looked around and eventually found this one on top of the cupboard in the kitchen. I got it down and put it on the worktop and Sarah and Lissi just stood there looking at it. “So how does that work then?” they asked. So I had to demonstrate finding it strange that they had never seen one before, when I was younger that was all there was – the butterfly type were too expensive and as far as I recall only my Gran had one.


Lost Weekend

We went away camping last weekend – no where too far away just to see how Ben would get on with camping as he hadn’t been since he was about a year old so had been more containable! As usual we left our friend to feed the cats while we were gone. We left home about half four, drove to the campsite, put the tent up, had dinner and went to bed.

The next morning we got a phone call from Alex who was feeding the cats. He told us that he had had difficulty getting to the house because the Police had cordoned off the road. It turns out that there had been a serious incident that morning where a 35 year old man had been attached by four people. At the time he was in hospital in a critical condition but sadly he has since died.

As if this information wasn’t bad enough he then went on to tell us about what he had found when he got to the house. A handwritten note had been pushed through the door which said ” Your ginger cat has been hit by a car and is at the vets” and then added a number to call. We rang the number and the vets in question knew nothing about a cat but they gave us the number of another vets (which actually turned out to be our vets) and sure enough Tango was there. He had been hit by a car about an hour after we left and luckily for him he had taken the impact on his rear end so there had been no damage to his head, heart or lungs. He did, however, have a broken pelvis but the vet gave him a good chance of surviving.

He had to stay in for a few days so there was no need for us to dash home but we were told that when he came out he would need to be kept in a cage for 4 weeks while his bones healed. We then had to work out where we could get a cage from as we didn’t have one. We advertised on freecycle but the only offer we got was for an old hamster cage which was a bit too small! Someone said that the receptionist at the vets loaned them out so next time we rang we asked but they were all out.

We then stuck a message on Facebook and one of my friends offered one but he lived in Croydon so I wouldn’t be able to get it till the Tuesday. Another friend offered a material one but that was in Sunderland. Then another friend messaged to say she had a large cat basket which we figured we could use until I could borrow the one from Croydon. However when we got home we opened the back door and there was one sitting in the back garden!! We had absolutely no idea where it had come from but a few phone calls later we discovered that our friend that was feeding the cats had been on his way round when he saw someone chucking it out. So he asked if he could have it and when they said yes he brought it round.

So we went to the vets and Sarah paid the arm and a leg of fees and we brought him home. He seems quite happy at the moment but is in pain when the painkillers wear off. he is unable to move his back legs too much which means he has difficulty going to the toilet but he seems happy enough and we’ll just have to wait till he heals. We went over to thank the lady who had taken him to the vets. She was obviously a cat lover because she answered the door holding a little cat called Dave. She said her son had seen a big black car hit Tango and drive off without stopping. Tango had ran under a car and he had ran to get his mum saying a cat had gone under a car. She said she was worried about what she might find but when she got there she found him hiding and with the help of another lady they got him out.

It’s good to know that amongst all of the bad stuff in this world there are still good people around who will put themselves out for others.