A message from God

Last night we needed to go to a pharmacy but with it being Bank Holiday Monday we struggled to find one open. We tried the one we usually go to but when we got there it had just closed. We tried to call another but there was no answer. Sarah decided to ring NHS direct and they gave her the number of the local NHS Walk in Centre. When we called them they told us about another pharmacy located on St Mary’s Island which is quite close to us. We phoned and sure enough they were open till 10pm so we set off to go there.

When we arrived we walked through the door and from our vantage point the shop appeared to be empty. As we were walking in we saw a plaque on the wall which told us that the the pharmacy had been dedicated to the glory of God. At the moment an unseen deep baritone voice suddenly asked “Can I help you” – I nearly jumped out of my skin!


A Sharks Tale

A few months ago we discover that one of the kids, who is almost 15, still had 7 baby teeth left. What was worse was that we discovered that her adult teeth were growing in behind them giving her two rows of teeth. After consultation with the Orthodontist we were advised to make an appointment to have them removed. We contacted the dentist and they referred her to a local clinic so that it could be done under sedation. So last Friday we went to have them removed.

We waited in the waiting room until after the procedure and then were taken in to where she was recovering. It was quite funny despite what she’d been through because she looked as if she’d had a bit too much to drink! Her eyes were all blurred and her speech was fuzzy! While we sat there she asked us twice if they’d done it yet – despite having a mouth full of swabs to stop the bleeding. We managed to get her on her feet and into the car for the journey home during which she asked us again if they’d done it yet! Once home she had a little rest and was back on Facebook before we knew where we were!

Apart from having a few gaps where the adult teeth haven’t grown in yet or where they’re in slightly the wrong place she looks fine and we were just glad that that part was over.

Then yesterday we were in the car and our 5 year old asked us what the hard thing in his mouth was and when we looked it was an adult tooth growing in behind his wobbly baby tooth! We had a sudden sense of deja vu and they are now known as the Shark twins!