South Eastern Maths

I’ve been commuting by train and bike this week and was amused by some interesting signs on the trains that I travelled on.

On Wednesday I boarded the 18:15 from Bromley South in the second from last carriage but was amused to find that according to the sign I was travelling in carriage number 7 of 12! I’m not sure where they’d hidden the other 4.

However the following evening I caught the 18:45 and again joined the second from last carriage and this time I was told I was in carriage number 11 of 8! It was almost embarrassing as there was a German family sitting next to me who must have been amused by this somewhat idiotic mistake which, not only appeared on the info signs in the carriage, but was also being broadcast over the speaker system on the train.

I’m guessing a numeracy test isn’t carried out when staff are employed!


Over Packaged

A week or so ago I went to get some tablets the Doctor had prescribed but the chemist was 2 tablets short of the full amount. They gave me a receipt for the missing tablets and I picked them up last night. I can’t help but think that for two tablets the amount of packaging was a bit over the top – what do you think?

Water update

Following on from my previous blog I thought I’d give an update on Southern Water’s abortive attempts to install compulsory water meters in our street. After 3 days or so of randomly digging holes in our street it seems they have been unable to fit any water meters at all. Seems that they haven’t taken into account the proximity of electric cables to the water pipes and the design of the water meter means they can’t fit them. They’ve gone away to stratch their heads for a bit but have promised to return. Let’s hope they got the meters on sale or return!

Anyway after they had left on Friday evening Sarah spotted that at the top of our street the brave and wonderful contractors who are (trying to) install water meters in order to allow us to save water had left a pipe gushing water into the street. Presumably as it was Friday night they had planned to leave this gushing away all weekend wasting gallons and gallons – maybe we’re not so water stressed after all.

She phoned up Southern Water and they did send out a plumber and a work team to fix it but it makes you wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t. I do wonder if Southern Water have made a good choice of contractors with Balfour Beatty and if they aren’t trying to do this whole water meter installation thing on the cheap.

And while we are on the subject of Balfour Beatty we spotted this sign on Sunday walking back from the shops. It was attached to one of the barriers they’d left strewn around the street over the weekend – presumably because that was easier than taking them back to the depot. The sign gives a list of points that the contractors should follow when working on behalf of Southern Water.

I think you can see from this blog and the previous blog that none of these points have been adhered to.

And while we’re on the subject of updating the customer. As we left the house on Sunday I lifted up the flap outside and instead of seeing the stopcock all I could see was tarmac. When they filled in the hole after their attempt to install the meter they have truly filled it in and prevented access to the stopcock. Did they tell us this when they did it – No! Did they tell us this when they phoned on Monday to explain why we didn’t have a water meter – No!

So Sarah raised it with them. Oh well they replied – you will have a stopcock inside the house you can use that in an emergency. It’s just as well we found out ourselves before we did have and emergency and had to spend ages trying to find out where the internal one was to turn off the water.

Southern Water are proving to be a proper shower!