I’ve been comparing Meerkats

I did something this morning I’d been putting off since before Christmas and opened my car insurance renewal. I was expecting it to go up as I’d had a prang before Christmas and as such knew I’d lost some of my no claims bonus but to be honest even I was shocked by what I saw. The premium, which had been in the range of around £500 had increased to a massive £1,387 (or £1,590 if I paid monthly) and my payments had gone up from around £40 a month to £144 – I was gobsmacked – the insurance was only £13 less than the value of the car.

So I did what I knew I should do and went online to compare the market. I put in all my details and pressed the get quote button and held my breath. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cheapest quote came in at £604 – a massive saving of over £700! Needless to say that I took the chance and bought the cheaper insurance. I then had the pleasure of ringing the AA (yes my old car insurance is through that august establishment who are meant to look after the interests of motorists) and telling them I was canceling the policy  – and no I didn’t want them to see if they could reduce it for me! The excess is less too!

And of course the advantage of buying my insurance through Compare the Market is that I get the free Meerkat toy! To be honest if I’d let another chance to get one slip I’d have been in trouble anyway! So after I sorted out my policy I went and ordered the Meerkat – apparently it is just leaving Meerkovo in a wheelbarrow as I type. Here are some  more screenshots!