Back then…..

Disney Garden

In the late 60s and early 70s we used to go from our house in Sunderland to visit our Gran in Boldon Colliery. When we were on the bus or later on in the car we always used to look out for a garden on the main road in East Boldon which was filled with cut outs of various cartoon characters. I don’t recall whether we outgrew it before or after it disappeared but I think the story was that the guy who owned the house got fed up with it being vandalised and ended up taking it down – sad really.


1 thought on “Back then…..

  1. I’ve been thinking about this garden
    And looking for any info
    Thank you for posting the picture.
    Now 50 we used to go to my nans from London ( my pardnts both born in whitburn and sunderland Falmouth estate ) every summer in Whitburn . I too remember this garden very well with fondness
    My nan is celebrating her 100th birthday in August and so will be coming to see the old place very soon .


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