Back up and running!

After a break of over a year I’ve finally got my blog back up and running

When we were in the south and times was hard I dispensed with my web hosting and set up a web server on an old pc that I’d bought off the company I used to work for for a fiver! I had it all up and running and my websites working from it when suddenly the hard drive failed. In the sort of idiot sort of fashion I hadn’t backed it up for ages and I lost quite a bit of stuff when I reinstated it all. This time I decided that I would automatically back up the website and SQL databases onto the other drive so that if one failed I’d still have the data. Sadly as I was about to find out backing up to the same computer wasn’t a great plan! In 2014 we decided to move back to the North but just before we did I started having problems with the server as it kept crashing. I discovered that this was being caused in a DoS type attack by hackers trying to gain access to the site. As far as I could work out it was because there was a weakness in WordPress if you had the user name as admin which I did. As we were moving I just turned it off and figured I’d sort it out when we got there!

Then we moved…

Once we were established in our new place I set up and account with GoDaddy hosting and then all I had to do was get the data off the old server and upload it to the new service. So I got the old server out and powered it up and…nothing! I tried everything I could think of but to no avail it just wouldn’t boot. So I took the drives out of the server and tried to access them but again no luck. At that point I uploaded an old version of the website to the GoDaddy server and left it like that until I sorted out the drives. That was several months ago!

Over the last couple of weeks I was thinking about it and the one thing that annoyed me was that on my blog there had been a couple of entries regarding my mum and my dad which I would have been quite sad to have lost. So I decided that I was going to sort out the drives once and for all. When i was working from home the other day I hit on the idea of disconnecting the CD drive in the computer in the attic and attaching the drive to that. This worked and the machine could see the drive but I still couldn’t see any data so I went away to have a think. It then struck me that the drives had been formatted in the Linux Ext2 format which I couldn’t see from my XP machine so I looked for and found a piece of software to allow me to access it.

Frustratingly last night I didn’t get the chance to try it out but as Sarah and Ben were at cubs I decided to try it tonight. I installed the software and attached the first drive. It took me a while to work out the software but when I did the drive opened but to my horror there was no sign of the website files. At this point I decided to try the other drive which worked as soon as I put the drive into the pc and when I opened it I could see three directories – one with the website files, one with the SQL databases and one with a load of random files – so I set them off copying to my ext hard drive and went to pick up Sarah.

Then today I set about uploading all the files to the website. the first problem was that I couldn’t remember my password but once I did I set up an ftp program to upload all the files. Once I’d done that I tried to upload the sql files for the blogs but they wouldn’t work. After much head scratching I discovered I had to create the database first and then upload them – once I’d done that I just had to edit them so they had the new passwords and away we went! Hopefully they’ll stay here for a while now and I might even get them sorted out someday!

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