How I spent my afternoon off!


Spent most of it sitting in a traffic jam as the roundabout between the M25 and the M20 ground to a gridlocked halt. It took me over an hour to travel down the slip road and reach the roundabout, where the traffic eventually ground to a complete halt.

After sitting stationary for another half hour the Police finally arrived to sort things out (what kept you?) and after a few minutes of driving around the grass verge,  shouting at motorists to get back into their cars and sending a few unfortunates down roads they didn’t want to go on – we were free!!

Here come the cavalry

Turns out the only reason that it ground to a halt was because traffic entering the roundabout was preventing traffic leaving it as all the motorways were moving reasonably well. I don’t know why they don’t just paint some yellow boxes on the road.

Anyway the main reason for the traffic jam was obviously that I had to be at a school at 4 pm and every time I leave work early to go to something at one of the kids school a traffic jam magically appears!! I finally made it home after two and a half hours to do what at that time of day should have been a 50 minute trip.


New Wembley

I had my first real look at the new Wembley Stadium today and to be honest I was quite disappointed!! The first view shown above was from Wembley Park tube station and I thought was less than impressive. I really missed the old Stadium from this vantage point.

The walk up Wembley way was also disappointing – the pictures of the stadium show an artists impression of the stadium at night surrounded by other smart buildings all glass and lit up. The reality is somewhat different as the same old concrete building, falling apart and tatty still line the walk to our national stadium.

On arrival you are greeted by a security cordon which seems temporary in nature. I accept the need to protect the building but something could have been done to stop it looking like a pile of old fencing that’s been abandoned outside!

Once inside it’s obvious that this stadium is a far cry from the cloth caps and man on a white horse of the 1923 version. It’s all about Corporate hospitality and dining opportunities – a champagne and seafood bar replaces the old burger and pie stalls! If this is the peoples stadium then those people are business men.

The biggest disappointment though was yet to come – as I finally got sight of the inside of the arena – it seems so small compared to the old one. I guess the seats are nearer to the action as there is no running track around the outside of the pitch but even so it felt a bit pokey!!

Diana concert

They were setting up for the Diana Memorial concert while we were there – the Peoples Princess remembered in the People stadium – pass the sick bucket!!

The beginning of the end?

Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair as Prime Minister today in what could be one of the biggest mistakes the Labour Party has made for years!!

I can’t help but feel he will be to this Government what John Major was to the last Conservative Government – a useless leader.

While you may not like Tony Blair as a leader I can’t see old one eyed Gord making a good job of it. The labour party has just signed it’s own death warrant!!

F*ck off I’m Ginger!

This was the title of a TV program I started watching the other night about the perils of being a carrot top. It was presented by Dan Wright who is “famous” for being the Little Cook part of Big Cook Little Cook on Cbeebies.

How come they are the same size?

Now as I have been watching this program almost constantly for the past two years thanks to Ben (that’s Ben our son not any homoerotic attachment to Big Cook by the way) it doesn’t seem right to hear the word f*ck coming out of the mouth of our miniscule culinary hero. However hearing him discussing his pubes well that takes the biscuit (careful it’s hot hot hot!)

One of his moans about being a rusty nut was not getting his leg over very often due to the reluctance of women to date ging-ers. Oh well at least he didn’t end up with cream all over his face this time…

Happy Anniversary

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day. Sarah and I got married on the longest day but today isn’t our wedding anniversary!!

However we have now been married for six months – who said it wouldn’t last  😉

It never rains but it pours

The sequence of events went like this;

An e-mail was sent round the office telling us that the tap in the upstairs kitchen was loose and to be careful when using it as it moved and caused the pipes to leak.

Someone decided to try and fix it

The pipe came loose and a torrent of water started pouring out of the cupboard under the sink.

It went straight through the floor and another torrent poured out of the ceiling in the downstairs office.

Luckily I’d put shorts on today and was able to kneel down and fix the loose joint without getting too wet!!

School’s out for Summer

Now that my eldest daughter has finished her GCSE’s and has effectively left school (although she hopes to go back to do A-levels) she was complaining that she was bored. Sarah suggested to her that she might like to do some voluntary work at a playgroup or school.

No sooner were the words out of Sarah’s mouth than the bees were buzzing around her bonnet and before you could say “I’m bored” she had organised for Beth to go and help in one of the classes at her school!!

She started at 9am this morning and when Sarah went in was covered in paint but seemed to be enjoying it. I’m sure it will be good experience for her and will come in handy as experience to put on a CV or an application form in the future.

What a waste

The Tour de France is coming to Medway on July 8th and the council are closing some of the roads to allow the race to take place. The other day the Police went round and put signs on ALL of the lampposts on the route. Last night the Council did the same!!

Do we really need two signs on every lamppost?

Do we really need them on every lamppost? There is a bridge on the New Road which is about 400m long and it has 16 signs on it.

Isn’t this a bit overkill and a waste of Council Tax?

Oh well at least there will be one day when the new two way system doesn’t get all snarled up!!


Just been to buy a Fathers day card and have come to the conclusion that the following are the only thing men are interested in:





Yachting (?)

oh and farting….

……well the last one applies in my case anyway