Taxing stuff

So I need to get my car taxed – so this morning I made sure I had all the details I needed – Insurance MOT etc so I could go to the Post Office at lunchtime and do it. But when I got to work I realised I’d actually forgotten the actual reminder.

Still I have just found out that it’s not too late to do it on line so I’ve done that and saved myself at least half an hour of standing in a queue in the Post office tomorrow (see previous blog entry!)

Michael Jackson

The death of Jacko has been greated with the sort of response that I can only remember happening for two previous (pop) stars – namely Elvis and John Lennon.

Random fact – I used to go to school with Michael Jackson – and boy did he get the piss taken out of him for his unfortunate name!

Another Random fact – I met Michael Jackson once – only it was General Sir Michael Jackson the leader of the armed forces at the time!

Art for Art’s Sake

I had an arty afternoon – we went down to Chatham and I went to check out the latest work by street artist Redlock! which is under the soon to be demolished flyover in Chatham town centre.

Then we went down to the new arts centre in Chatham which is cunningly titled “The New Arts Centre” to see an exhibition from the kids at Lissi’s school.

We knew she had a piece in the exhibition but we didn’t know what it was but after searching for a bit we found it. It was a clay square which was part of a larger exhibit made up of many clay squares.

Rocket man

Yesterday we got to make rockets at the caravan site as part of an activity organised for the owners. So me and the four girls made the rocket from the kit provided.

rocket 1

Once we finsihed making it we got to fire it, twice! The first time it survived unscathed but the second time it broke one of the tail fins on landing.

rocket 2

Blast off!


Lindisfarne 2

Bashee playing magician sitting lotus on the floor
Belly dancing beauty with a power driven saw
Had my share of nightmares, didn’t think there could be much more
then in walked Rodrick Usher with the Lady Eleanor

She tied my eyes with ribbon of a silken ghostly thread
I gazed with trouble vision on an old four poster bed
Where Eleanor had risen to kiss the neck below my head
and bid me come along with her to the land of the dancing dead

But it’s all right, Lady Eleanor

The late great Alan Hull playing at the Newcastle City Hall with Lindisfarne in 1979

Try anything once…

When I was up in Yorkshire during the week we had breakfast at the Hotel and I was talked into having a slice of black pudding with my breakfast by a waiter. After I ate my breakfast one of my colleagues on the next table asked me if I’d eaten the black pudding.

I replied “yes I’ll try anything once except incest and Morris Dancing……



Today was Ben’s birthday. He was 4.

When he got home from school there was a card waiting for him from his Grandad (the Northern one!). The only problem was that the card was inside a plastic bag and had clearly been opened. Naturally the £30 that had been inside the card was nowhere to be seen.

So somewhere between Sunderland and here some theiving scumbag has opened the envelope and taken out the money. The fact that the postmark had been scraped off would suggest to me that it was done by a postal worker who didn’t want the sorting office he was from to be identified.

So the question is “What sort of lowlife would open a card which is obviously meant for a child and steal their birthday money?” Not to mention the card had Grandson on it as it was from his Grandad and Great Gran who are 78 and 98 respectively. So this theiving shit has stolen from a child and two pensioners! I really do hope that they choke on the vomit that comes from drinking Ben’s birthday money!

It’s no wonder that the mail service in this country is in decline – at the end of the day (and here I’m starting to sound like a Daily Mail reader) what is to stop them? If they get caught they will probably only be suspended on full pay indefinately because of the antiquated systems that still operate inside the Royal Mail.

Rant over!